C2B eCommerce System

The most recent E-Commerce business model. In this model, customers offer to sell products and services to businesses who are ready to purchase them. This business model is the opposite of the B2C model.

In the C2B model, both parties (consumers and businesses) each takes what is beneficial for them. In other words, enterprises can acquire benefits from the pricing, data provides, and marketing of customers, while customers will profit from high efficient on payment and service, low-cost price and so on.

There are three features and basic components of C2B: customer-defined value, personalized marketing, and flexible production.

The one thing that differentiates C2B from other business models is that the consumers create the value for the products. Also, the model caters to the need of freelancers, who work on tasks given by the clients.

The examples of C2B business models include Google Adsense, Commission Junction, and Amazon, Surveyscout and Survey Monkey are typical C2B models.

Do You Have Any C2B Concept?